Big Pa's 


Our Product Line

We sell the following products:
1.  Stock Wooden Drink Coasters
2. Custom Ordered Wooden Drink Coasters
3. All natural mixed seasonings.
4. All natural rubs.
5. Spice mixes for dips and sauces.
6. Gift packs
7. Corporate gift packs.


Contents of our products

Our seasonings and rubs contain no fillers, no coloring is added, no preservatives, no chemicals, no MSG and are gluten free. 

Since we add no chemicals or preservatives our product can become hard over time. Simply shake our contains or packages to loosen up of items for use.
As will all natural spices it is best to keep them out of the sun light (example in a cupboard). Our spices will keep there flavors if they are kept in there contains out of direct sunlight.